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Supply and manufacture of high quality flat copper strip flat,copper magnet wire,flat bare copper wire.

Flat Copper Wire

Electric resistance copper flat wire

Copper wire is a vital component in numerous industries, serving as a conduit for electricity and a foundation for intricate electrical systems. Traditional round copper wires have long been the standard, but the emergence of flat copper wire has revolutionized the field.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of flat copper wire primarily consists of copper (Cu) and may include small percentages of other elements to enhance specific properties. Pure copper exhibits excellent electrical conductivity and thermal stability. Flat copper wire may also contain small amounts of silver (Ag) or phosphorus (P) for enhanced electrical or soldering properties.

High quality flat wire,1.02mm fashion brass flat wire

Roll Size and Range of Weights

Flat copper wire is commonly supplied in rolls, with the roll size and weight varying depending on the specific application. The dimensions of the rolls may vary, but they generally range from a few inches to several feet in width. The weight of a roll depends on the length and thickness of the wire. Roll weights can range from a few pounds to several hundred pounds, depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

Wire Diameters

Flat copper wire is available in various diameters to accommodate different applications. As mentioned earlier, the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system is commonly used to specify the diameter or thickness of copper wires. The diameters of flat copper wire can range from relatively thick to extremely thin, depending on the desired use.

Uses and Applications

Flat copper wire finds application in numerous industries due to its unique properties. Some of the common uses of flat copper wire include:

Electrical and Electronics: Flat copper wire is extensively used in the electrical and electronics industry. It serves as a primary component in power cables, transformers, motors, generators, and electronic circuit boards.
Automotive Industry: Flat copper wire is utilized in automotive wiring harnesses, ignition systems, and various electrical components in vehicles. Its high conductivity and durability make it an ideal choice for automotive applications.
Telecommunications: Flat copper wire plays a crucial role in the telecommunications sector, particularly in the construction of communication cables, telephone lines, and data transmission systems.
Renewable Energy: The solar and wind energy industries rely on flat copper wire for efficient energy transmission. It is used in solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems.
Medical Equipment: Flat copper wire is employed in medical equipment, such as MRI machines and diagnostic devices, due to its high electrical conductivity and compatibility with sterilization processes.

Weight and Sea Freight Packaging

The weight of flat copper wire can vary depending on the roll size, wire thickness, and length. It is crucial to consider the weight while packaging and shipping flat copper wire. When transporting large quantities of flat copper wire via sea freight, proper packaging is essential to ensure its protection and prevent damage during transit. Packaging materials may include wooden reels or spools, crates, or specialized containers designed to secure the wire and prevent it from tangling or getting damaged.

What is flat copper strip?

Flat copper strip, also known as copper bar or copper ribbon, refers to a type of copper conductor that has a flat, rectangular shape. It is typically manufactured by cold-rolling or hot-rolling copper sheets to the desired thickness and width.
Flat copper strips are commonly used in various electrical and electronic applications where high conductivity and efficient current carrying capacity are required. The flat shape of the strip allows for easy installation and connection in a variety of configurations.
The dimensions of flat copper strips can vary depending on the specific application. They are available in a range of widths, thicknesses, and lengths to suit different requirements. The width of the strip determines the surface area available for conducting current, while the thickness affects the strip's mechanical strength and resistance to heat.
Flat copper strips find applications in power distribution systems, busbars, electrical grounding, electrical contacts, switchgear, transformers, and various other electrical and electronic devices. They are often used in situations where higher currents are involved or where a larger contact area is needed compared to traditional round copper wires.

What is flat copper magnet wire?

Magnet wire, also known as winding wire or enameled wire, is a copper wire that is coated with a thin layer of insulation. The insulation material is typically a polymer, such as polyurethane or polyester, which provides electrical insulation while allowing the wire to be wound into coils without the need for additional insulation.

Flat copper magnet wire is often used in applications where space is limited, and the flat shape of the wire allows for efficient use of available space.

The specific insulation material used on flat copper magnet wire may vary depending on the application requirements, such as temperature rating, electrical properties, and environmental considerations. The insulation provides electrical insulation between adjacent turns of the wire when it is wound into a coil, preventing short circuits and ensuring proper functioning of the electromagnetic device.