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Copper Metal Ring Mesh for Decoration, Metal ring Mesh for Architectural Projects

We supply copper metal ring mesh in different sizes and specifications, including varying roll sizes, weight ranges, and diameters.

Roll Size: Copper metal ring mesh is often available in rolls of different dimensions, commonly ranging from 1 meter to 2 meters in width and 10 meters to 30 meters in length. However, larger or custom sizes may also be available based on specific requirements.

Weight Range: The weight of copper metal ring mesh can vary based on the wire thickness and ring size. As an estimate, the weight of the mesh can range from around 1.5 kg per square meter to 5 kg per square meter. Again, these numbers are approximate and can differ between products.

Diameter: The diameter of the metal rings used in copper ring mesh can also vary. Generally, the rings have diameters ranging from 3 mm to 8 mm. However, this can be customized based on the desired aesthetic or functional requirements.

We offer ring mesh coiled curtains and metal bead curtains in brass, coffee, and grain bronze colors for commercial projects. Our curtains, made of ring mesh, create a relaxed and beautifully bunched drapery effect, distinguishing them from a rigid chain wall. Copper-coated and brass-coated samples are available.

Brass Ring Mesh for Decoration 

Wall sizes
151"wide x 144"tall
147"wide x 144"tall
80"wide x 144"tall

Metal ring mesh for architectural firm in Florence
the specifications of the ring are:
Ring diameter: from 10.00/to 12.00 mm
Thick wire: from 1.00 /to 1.50 mm
Material; copper or brass
Panels of height 330 cm x 100 cm (width)
Panels of height. 330 x 150 cm (width)
Panel height. 330 x 630 cm (width)

17m x 4.5m in copper for both styles of mesh.
Ring diameter approx. 10mm with wire gauge approx. 1mm.
red anodised finish

Ring mesh bronze curtain
Ring mesh bronze curtain refers to a type of curtain made from interlocking metal rings, specifically in a bronze color. The rings are connected to form a mesh-like pattern, creating a unique and visually appealing curtain design. This type of curtain offers a combination of functionality and aesthetics, often used for decorative or architectural purposes in various settings such as commercial spaces, events, or even homes. The bronze color adds a warm and elegant touch to the overall appearance of the curtain.

Two panels to cover closet in ring metal bronze.
Approximately 24"x80" per panel