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Decorative Metal Mesh Cladding: Copper/brass Perforated Sheets and expanded sheets

Being suppliers for our constant partners, we are well-known among architecture firms and building contracters. We supply various metal wall screen panel perforated sheets and expanded sheets. Other types like coiled mesh fabric, woven crimped mesh are also available upon request.

Perforated metal wall cladding panel becomes well sold due to the reason of uniform holes, multi-designs, good strength and protection, easily processing and economic cost. Using of perforated metal cladding adds additional metal protective layer to the wall and the building in addition to the ornamental effect.

Materials for Metal Cladding Panels: Stainless steel, brass plate, copper, aluminum, nickel and nonmetal plate.

Hole shape: Round, square, hexagonal, triangle hole, scale, diamond, etc
Surface treatment: Powder coated, galvanized, oxidation, PVDF
Plate Thickness: 0.3-2mm
Aperture: 3mm-200mm
Panel Size: 1.2*2.4m, 1.22*2.44m, 1.5*3m etc.
Color: Copper, brass, antique bronze, gold, silver, red, black, gray, orange, green, white, etc
Feature: Wear-resisting, smooth, beautiful, durable
Usage: Facade and wall decoration, sound insulation, sunshade, protective cover

Advantages of Perforated Metal Cladding Screen Compared With Traditional Constructive and Decorative Mesh Products:
1) It provides strong protection.
2) It provides special metal luster and color. It is absolutely unique and artistic. The color and luster of the metal cladding sheet change with light, bringing different visual pleasures with the changing times in a day.
3) It is one kind of new, artistic and modern product using in construction and decoration. Metal cladding mesh sheets offer a unique decorative fashion, an eye-catching and artistic outlook, for room, office, exhibition, hall, restaurant, hotel, airport, and various constructions.
4) It is easy to install with all supplied accessories and instruction.

Perforated Metal Cladding
Perforated metal cladding, with round hole, design for front facade to residential building
Thickness: 1/16"
Width & Length: 36" x 120"
Perforation Configuration: 3/8" Holes on 11/16" Centers (27% Open Area)
Margins: 1/2"
Material finish: Copper, aluminum

Perforated brass façade cladding

Panel sizes 3’ x 10’
Perforations: circular in 2” diameter.
Metal Mesh Wall Cladding for Facade
Working partially as sunshade screen allowing for some light to enter

Project: 4-Storey Mall - Facade facelifting Project, with Installation Illustration

Perforated metal panels for Facade Cladding, powder painted colored panels

Hole and pitch:

  Length No. of Panels (vertical) Total No. of Panels
Facade 1 85 5 425
Facade 2 54 5 270
Facade 3 75 5 375


Fittings: Steel Angle Bar

Size Length WT/FT WT/Bar
4" * 4" *1/4" 20' rl 6.600 132.00


Facade Installation


Perforation type: Round hole staggered pitch
Sheet Metal Thickness: 8 mmm
Metal Sheet Format: Small format 1000 * 2000 mm (w * l)

Number of Panels - Option 1
Color of Panel Size No. of PCS
Red 1 m * 2 m 244
orange 1 m * 2 m 236
yellow 1 m * 2 m 243
green 1 m * 2 m 236
blue 1 m * 2 m 236
violet 1 m * 2 m 250
Number of Panels - Option 2 & 3
Coloe of Panel Size  
Bronze/Light Gray 1 m * 2 m  


Perforated Metal Wall Cladding Panels

Round hole copper mesh cladding:

Building materials copper color exterior wall cladding panels
Rectangular Hole Perforated:
Hole size: 30mm or 50mm ½"
Hole Type Rectangular
Staggered Centers 11/16"
Sheet Thickness 5/16"
Open Area 48%

Metallic Copper / Copper Color Expanded Metal Cladding for Exterior Wall Decoration
Finish:Pleated or corrugated panel in a metallic copper / copper colour
Fixing: Mounted to a lightweight metal framework.
Extruded sheet, with round holes (approximately 10 - 20mm in diameter)

Metal wall clad system drawing reference:

Material : Aluminum, or copper wire mesh
Surface : Natural anodized
Mesh length : 100 mm
Mesh width (effective) : 40 (46) mm
Web thickness : 16 mm
Material thickness : 3 mm
Total thickness : 20 mm
Open area (frontal) : 37 %
Weight : 3,8 kg / m²

Expanded metal wall cladding of multi colors and finishes

Copper color expanded mesh, diamond hole sheet for Interior cladding

Expanded Metal for Cladding

Phosphor Bronze decorative expanded mesh for architecture firm

Checkered perforted plate for wall decoration

Copper screen panel for internal wall cladding

Wall cladding project can be made with perforated, expanded mesh panels, as well as woven brass mesh.