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We supply copper wire to US, Finland, Europe, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Russia and other countries. SGS Inspection and other quality certificates provided upon customers request.

Copper wire is a general term. It refers to pure copper wire and copper alloy wires: brass wire, bronze wire, phosphor bronze wire and other cu alloy.

Copper wire, also called red metal, 99.8 min. pure cu.

Brass wire is a kind of copper and zinc alloy wire. The surface is golden. Brass 230 (85/15), brass 240 (80/20), brass 260, brass 270 and brass (65% copper, 35% zinc) and other grades. Brass copper wire is mainly used as electrical wire, brushes wire, music wire, spring wire and jewelry wire.

Bronze wire, is an aolly wire of copper and tin. The wire has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, castability and excellent mechanical properties. Cu (Min) 95%, wire gauge from 0.1 to 8.5mm.

Phosphor bronze wire is an alloy of copper, tin, and phosphorus. Phosphor copper wire general content: copper 85% - 90%, tin 5% - 15%, phosphorus 0.03% to 0.35%. A hard alloy metal wire can be used to make springs, woven wire, music wire and other products. Popular grade:Phosphor Bronze 92/8 (C52100), Phosphor Bronze 95/5 (C51000). Phos bronze alloy wire features corrosion resistance, has high electrical conductivity and high tensile strength.

White copper is copper and nickel alloy, its color is silver, commonly used in the manufacture of electrical appliances, instruments and decorations.

Surface: We supply copper wire with bare surface, metal plated with gold, silver, colored powder coated.

Packing options include in coils length, spool, octabins, bundles.

Brass Wire, Hardened, For Spring Wire

Hardened metal alloy brass wire coils for making springs
Material: B230 brass grade (85/15)
Packing: In coils, standard seaworthy package
Diameter: 0.03-0.065mm

ASTM and JIS Standard Copper Wire, on Spool, DIN200 and DIN16

Copper wire for copper wire mesh weaving
Spooled copper wire, ASTM standard, for weaving

Copper Wire (Red)

Purity 99.8%
Properties of Copper Wire:
Bright color, uniform hardness and softness, excellent quality, super conductive ability, high wear-resistance, fine and smooth surface, good extensibility, standard wire diameter, good flexibility, flat wire arrangement, smooth surface, and not easily oxidized.
Standard package: Copper wire 25kg-35kg per spool / bobbin
Application: Used in wire and cable, electrical appliances, metal mesh weaving, handicraft manufacturing, asbestos cloth, etc.
Copper wire in spools for wire and cable making

Hart Brass Wire

Brush wire for Turkey:
0.10 mm hard brass wire CuZn 37 grade packed in 5 kge spool for brush making
0.10 mm hard brass wire, packed in 5kg. spool
Material grade: CuZn 37

Bronze Wire, for Electric Wire

Grade: Cooper Wire
Cu (Min):95%
Alloy Or Not: Alloy
Wire Gauge: 0.1-8.5mm
Standard:ASTM JIS GB
Spool: DIN200 DIN16

Copper Wire for Finland

Product : Copper Wire
Size: 1.8 mm
Packing : In octabins of 1500-1700 kg each

Copper Coated C1008/1010 Wire 

2mm thickness Copper Coated Iron Wire Exported to Sri Lanka
0.0625" dia. Copper Coated low carbon wire
Packed in 30 lbs coils
For Sri Lanka

Copper Wire

Product for Russia
Copper wire with following spec:
Temperature index - 220.
Material: Copper
Wire Size: 0.15mm*1.2 mm (thickness x width)
Packed in 10 kg coils.

Copper Wire
Size:1.8 mm
Packing :In octabins of 1500-1700 kg each

Pvc Coated Copper Binding Wire

Plastic Powder Coated Binding Wire Rolls Exported to Malaysia
PVC sheath / coated copper binding wire 0.9mm in rolls
Conductor configuration: 1 copper bind/ 0.85mm
Coating thickness: 0.32mm
Outer diameter: 1.5mm

Colored Copper Wire for Manufacturer of Jewelry

Copper Based Colored Coated Wire
High quality jewelry making wires / craft wire, for US and Europe market
Gold Plated Copper Craft Wire for Jewelry Making

Craft Wire 30 guage
Colored Copper Wire (Bare Copper) , 30 Gauge

Permanent colored copper wires, in gauges from 32 to 16, packed in coils or spools
32 Gauge, in 80 meter length, packed in coil
30 Gauge, in 40 meter length / coil
28 Gauge, 20 meter length / coil
26 Gauge, 15 meter length / coil
24 Gauge, 10 meter length / coil
22 Gauge, 8 meter length / coil
20 Gauge, 6 meter length / coil
18 Gauge, 4 meter length / coil
16 Gauge, 3 meter length / coil

Colors choice: Different colors in gold plated, silver plated, bare copper, green colored, red colored, blue, etc.

Phosphorus Copper Wire 

Phosphorous bronze copper wire for music string wire
Phosphorus copper wire, gold plated, copper-tin-phosphor alloy wire for music wire
Grade: 92/8 (C52100)
Side measurement 0.617mm
Diagonal measument 0.82mm
Tolerance +/- 5 micron mm
Rolled on a Din reel VM710 or VM355
Gold plated 0.35µmm